Store Manager

Posted June 7, 2021  |  Marine Layer

We're looking for someone pretty special to help us slang a few tees and get the word out about Marine Layer at our new stores.  This is not a typical retail position because we are not a typical company. While selling shirts and maintaining the store are both very important, we primarily want someone who is personable, self-motivated and 110% committed to the success of their store and the brand as a whole.

We need someone who can represent our lifestyle and company culture from hundreds of miles away. While we will (of course) be involved in branding, merchandising, events and training, it is very important for you to be an independent self starter. We want you to want (not a ‘The Break-Up’ movie reference) to work hard alongside your team, motivate them to success, and have fun while doing just that.


  • Customer Experience — We want people to walk out of our stores excited about our brand. You should be (pretty) funny, (very) charismatic and be one hell of a host(ess) of the party. You’ll always want to inspire the team to deliver a customer experience that is genuine and exceeds expectations.
  • People Development — We pride ourselves in hiring green and developing our people. Personal success stories with people development and employee retention are a must. Engage with your employees individually and the team as a whole. Offer consistent and timely feedback to encourage professional growth and maintain a positive working environment. 
  • Leadership — We want someone who is passionate about keeping a team happy, engaged and challenged. You’re excited to recruit, hire and promote people who are talented and want to make our brand a success. Guide rather than manage, encourage rather than dictate and inspire rather than discourage. 
  • Merchandising — Our product needs to look good and sell well in our stores. It just doesn’t sell itself by sitting on a shelf...which would be cool but let’s be real. It's important for you to have a keen eye for merchandising and visual standards. Have those piles looking ‘purdy’ and well stocked. 
  • Operations — We need operational excellence as there’s always (and we mean always) something to do. The ability to learn and train others in but not limited to POS skills, LP training, back and front of house standards. A well operated and functioning store is a well loved store. 


Desire to work in a start‐up (ish) environment: A lot of people say they want to work at a start-up; not as many people really know what that means. Here it means we all work very hard, we believe deeply in the future of this company, and we all do a lotta bit of everything.

Success in a Retail Management Role: The size of your previous company and the product category you've worked in are not important to us. If you're a good manager with leadership skills and a positive attitude, you can succeed here.

Cultural Fit: This is a close-knit group that gets along extremely well. We all work hard, but manage to have a lot of fun along the way. We're all working towards the same goal of making Marine Layer something special and if you are on board for that (and don't have a stick up your butt) you'll fit in really well.

Contact Information

Please have a look at our website,, and then shoot your resume, a thoughtful email about how you relate to our seven-day-weekend lifestyle. Cover letters are for the birds…

Marine Layer is proud to be an equal opportunity employer that welcomes applicants and employees of all genders, races, backgrounds, orientations, and nationalities. #whateveryoureinto